Bubble Football raises £4,000 for carers cause

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Moneyweb is supporting the Scarborough and Ryedale Carers Resource’s Young Adult Carers project (YAC).

Over the last two years Moneyweb has created a great working relationship with Carers Resource and the YAC project, joining together to raise more than £8,500 through fun charity events.

This year was no exception and a fun day was had by all at the ‘Bubble Football’ event.

Paul Robinson, director at Moneyweb Ltd,said: “It was fantastic to see Young Adult Carers having so much fun.

“It made all the hard work in organising the event worthwhile. Being able to raise funds and provide them with a fun social event was a great achievement and thanks go out to everybody who helped make the event a success.”

Elizabeth McPherson, chief officer at Scarborough and Ryedale Carers Resource, said: “I would like to thank everyone who took part to help raise money, especially all the staff from Moneyweb Ltd.

“The funds help us to deliver this much-needed service. This year nearly £4,000 was raised to help us continue to support young adult carers locally.”

For more information about YAC call 01723 850155, email staff@carersresource.net or visit the website at www.carersresource.net.

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