Bumper-Ball, Water Ball, Zorbing and Bubble Football Zorb Repairs

Due to the nature of the items and how they are intended to be used, it is likely that at some point in the equipment's life span it will get damaged and need repairs.
Most damages such as small holes or tears can be fixed by the customer using patches and glue or by using our self-adhesive patches (sold separately). You can also contact us for advice on resolving most issues.

If the damage to your equipment is more severe and cannot be resolved with our repair kits and advice, we offer an AquaZorbs Walk on Water ball and Bumper-Ball "BodyZorbing" Ball Repairs service.

We operate a full professional repair service for Water Walking Balls, Body Zorbing Balls, Water Rollers and other similar inflatables. Even if you are not one of our sales customers we can still help regardless of who your supplier is. Each repair goes through a strict testing process and is issued with a full report, and returned to you with a 90 day guarantee*.

We can provide the following services:

  • Zip Replacement,
  • Re-welding seams,
  • Patching holes,
  • Welding larger holes or splits,
  • Handle replacements,
  • Bumper-Ball ball strap fixes and replacements.

If you have any other issues not listed here, contact us and find out if we can help.

* If the repair we provide fails within 90 days, we will arrange pick-up, re-repair and delivery free of charge however we will not be responsible for any business lost as a result of equipment being out of service.
Upon receipt and inspection of your damaged equipment, there may be a small chance the job will need extra labour, parts or we may not be able to repair the item at all. If this is the case we will contact you and ask for authorisation to change the quote accordingly or in the worst case scenario send the item back. However, the customer will still be liable for the collection and delivery costs


AquaZorb Walk on Water Zorbs
Inflatable balls which allow you to walk on water without getting wet!

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Bumper-Balls Bubble Football Zorbs
Inflatable bubbles which allow the user to run, flip, bounce and roll

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ABU~Glide Self Balance Electric scooter
The ABU (Auto Balancing Unit) self balancing electric mini-segway

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Zorb Repairs Service
We can repair your zorbing gear or provide materials for DIY repairs

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