AquaZorb Inflatable Zorbing Pools

Our inflatable water walking ball pools are available in 2 sizes;

7X9m pool can accommodate up to 6 AquaZorbs or 4 AquaZorbs and a Water Sausage / Roller (16000 litres)

10X10m pool can accommodate up to 8 AquaZorbs or 6 AquaZorbs and a Water Sausage / Roller (18000 - 20000 litres)

Alternatively you can choose your own size, shape and colour inflatable zorbing pools with your branding.
(Please allow extra time for manufacturing.)
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Each order comes with a free inflator, which inflates and deflates the pool within 10 to 15 minutes.

Free inflator with each pool ordered.

AquaZorb Walk on Water Zorbs
Inflatable balls which allow you to walk on water without getting wet!

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Bumper-Balls Bubble Football Zorbs
Inflatable bubbles which allow the user to run, flip, bounce and roll

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ABU~Glide Self Balance Electric scooter
The ABU (Auto Balancing Unit) self balancing electric mini-segway

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Zorb Repairs Service
We can repair your zorbing gear or provide materials for DIY repairs

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