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How much money can be made running AquaZorbs?

Most operators charge around €/$/£750 – €/$/£1000 or more per day for 6 AquaZorbs in an inflatable pool.

Where can I get insurance to run AquaZorbs?

We can help you find an insurance provider from our list of contacts for any country and we can supply you with risk assessments and H&S guides along with our operators manual.

Is there any discount for multiple or bulk orders?

Yes! We offer a lower pricing structure if you buy more than 5 Aquazorbs, 5 Aqua Sausages or 10 Bumper-balls as well as our discounted “start-up packages” We also offer bulk order discounts for larger companies or if you were interested in becoming a reseller.

What extra equipment will I need to source to get my business up and running?

Just a van or trailer. We can provide everything you need to start trading immediately. This includes website, web hosting, P.O.S, entry into our Hire Partner Scheme, repair kits, advertising flyers and full after sales support.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes we can ship to anywhere in the world.

How much is shipping and how long will it take?

Shipping to the UK is free (on orders of 4 or more items) and usually next (working) day. Free worldwide shipping is offered on a 3-5 day basis for most items. Larger or made-to-order items may take up to 14 days. If you wanted express worldwide shipping there would be a small additional charge.

What about sales tax or import tax?

If you are a UK customer, the only tax you pay is the VAT stated on our prices. Other countries we do not charge sales tax to but you may be asked by the courier to pay any import tax before they release your goods.

What happens if the AquaZorb or any other products needs to be repaired?

Most small punctures can be repaired easily by yourself with our repair kit which we supply with your order. For more serious punctures or splits we would be able to arrange repairs of the damaged items.

What is an AquaZorb?

An AquaZorb is a 2 meter inflatable ball designed to allow you to walk on water.

What can I do with in AquaZorb?

You can run, roll and spin around on top of water whilst inside the AquaZorb.

Will I get wet in an AquaZorb?

No! That’s the really great thing about the AquaZorb. Because you are inside a sealed inflatable ball you can walk on the water without getting wet. You do not have to bring a change of clothes in order to enjoy the experience.

Are there any benefits with using an AquaZorb?

Yes. The AquaZorb is not only FUN; it’s a great way to keep fit. The AquaZorb can be quite challenging and is currently being used in Leisure centers across the UK and US as part of keep fit programmes.

How long do you recommend staying in an AquaZorb for?

Due to the energy required 5 – 10 minutes at a time is more than enough. You can take a short rest and try again and again to improve your skills.

How old do I have to be to use an AquaZorb?

Participants from the age of 5yrs old can enjoy the experience of an AquaZorb.

Is there a max weight for the AquaZorb?

We recommend that not more than 16 stone is put into the AquaZorb at one time.

How do I get into an AquaZorb?

AquaZorbs have a large zip on one side which you climb through to enter the Zorb. You then stand upright whilst air is blown into the Zorb. Once the Zorb is fully inflated the zip is closed tight and the Zorb and you are ready for the water.

Can the AquaZorb get a puncture?

In the event of a puncture occurring, the AquaZorb will deflate slowly. There is no sudden rush of air outwards and the Zorb will not suddenly deflate. The AquaZorb can stay afloat for a long time posing no danger to the participant.

Could the AquaZorb burst?

No. The Zorb is made of heavy duty TPU (polyurethane plastic) and is not inflated using high pressure air; a gentle stream of cool air inflates the Zorb.

Can the AquaZorb sink?

An Aqua Zorb contains about 10 times the volume of air of an airbed, and therefore there is no risk of sinking.

What preventions are in place to stop the AquaZorb from floating away?

A marine strength rope is tied to each AquaZorb with a length of no more then 30 meters. The rope is secured at one end and the operator has full control over the AquaZorb. The Zorb can be retrieved extremely quickly with the rope if necessary.

AquaZorb Walk on Water Zorbs
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ABU~Glide Self Balance Electric scooter
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Zorb Repairs Service
We can repair your zorbing gear or provide materials for DIY repairs

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