Bumper-Balls Bubble Football Zorbs

You may already be aware of the current viral video titled "Bubble Football" doing its rounds on Facebook.

The clip is from a Norwegian TV game show in which teams play football wearing giant bubbles allowing them to bump, roll and flip whilst trying to score.
The video currently has tens of thousands of views, shares and comments - most of which are people asking where they can take part in this activity. There have also been numerous news and blog articles exploring the possibility of the activity being held in other countries besides Norway.
This is an enormous opportunity for your company to capitalise on this latest craze.

We are now a proud supplier to

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So, what's new with the Bumper-Ball Mk2 then?

The BumperBall MK2 can be used with small children as well as adults simply by adjusting our new design of padded harnesses which are much more comfortable for the user than previous designs. This eliminates the requirement to purchase 2 different sized balls.

They also pack down into a much smaller space than our original design and are supplied with their own carry bags making it possible to fit up to 10 Bumper-Ball Mk2s, blowers and staff into a typical hatchback car.

We can supply your new Bumper-Balls with a variety of brightly coloured harnesses and ropes so you can for example, have 5 Blue Bumper-balls and 5 Red Bumper-Balls and organize 5-a-side bubble football matches and easily tell which user is on which team.

What can we use them for?
You can organise games, sport events and contests either in schools, scout camps, corporate settings or at holiday parks!
We recommend using the Bumper-Balls on either grass or wood floors such as basketball courts or sports halls. Alternatively you can purchase a Bumper-Ball Arena or Bubble Football Zone from us!

Favorite games played are:

Bumper-Balls (Human Dodgems)
Bumper BullDog
Last One Standing
Bubble Football / Soccer (as seen on TV)
Bumper-Ball Sumo

How Much Are They?
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As always, all of our products come with warranties, free labour on repairs in our in-house repairs workshop and full after-sales support.

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