AquaZorb Walk on Water Balls

AquaZorbs, the inflatable balls which allow you to walk, roll and tumble across the surface of the water without getting wet!

AquaZorb water walking balls are 2 meters in diameter and allow a person up to 14 stone (196 lb) to ride.
6 AquaZorbs, along with one of our inflatable pools, provide you with a complete business with the potential to make €/$/£2000+ per day.
You can set up your business in town centres, beach fronts, shopping malls, lakes, swimming pools, wherever there is water!
You can also hire yourself out to schools for their summer fairs, scout camps or corporate event organisers charging up to €/$/£1000 per day or more.
AquaZorb walk on water balls are made from the highest quality 0.7mm TPU and have been modified and improved by our own factory to meet the standards for commercial use in the West.
Fitted with German TIZIP waterproof zippers, the best zippers on the market which are used on all of our zip-up products.
AquaZorb water walking balls are also fitted with anchor points for safety ropes to allow them to be used in lakes and in the sea and have strong TPU handles designed for regular use.
We believe AquaZorbs are the best quality walk on water balls you can find in The UK and Europe.
AquaZorbs come with repair kits, zip lubrication, instruction manual and full after-sales service and, if looked after properly will last for years without needing to be repaired or replaced.


AquaZorb Inflater sold separately or included in our Business Start-up Packages

AquaZorb Walk on Water Zorbs
Inflatable balls which allow you to walk on water without getting wet!

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