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We are a tried and trusted supplier of Water Walking Balls, Body Zorbing "Bubble Football" Zorbs and other inflatable activities designed to get kids and adults active and having fun.

AquaZorbs and Bumper-Balls have proved to be a huge success all over the UK, USA and Europe in swimming pools, holiday parks, scout activity centres, lakes and beaches to name a few.

We have designed our products to meet the strict health and safety requirements for use in the UK, Europe and the US. Our products are made from our own unique blend of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). We do not sell cheaper quality balls made of PVC as these can break easily, discolour in the sun, be very heavy and can irritate the skin of the rider.


Why buy from us?

  • Unlike similar companies, we have our own repairs workshop which offers free repairs beyond the standard warranty term.
  • Our unique and protected blend of TPU - "AZ-TPU" is the strongest on the market. No other company has access to this.
  • We only use German made original Ti-Zip Zippers.
  • Unique product designs - more durable and easier to maintain than cheaper copies offered elsewhere.
  • Free shipping worldwide (Depending on product and quantity)
  • Full business support available including web hosting, domain registration, website, point of sale materials and flyers.
  • Referred work from our website hire enquiries.
  • Training sessions offered with experienced staff.
  • Demonstrations and site visits available.
  • We always offer you a fast, reliable and professional service.
  • We provide you with full after-sales support and are available via email and phone to answer any questions you may have.
AquaZorb Walk on Water Zorbs
Inflatable balls which allow you to walk on water without getting wet!

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Bumper-Balls Bubble Football Zorbs
Inflatable bubbles which allow the user to run, flip, bounce and roll

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ABU~Glide Self Balance Electric scooter
The ABU (Auto Balancing Unit) self balancing electric mini-segway

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Zorb Repairs Service
We can repair your zorbing gear or provide materials for DIY repairs

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